This new Organizational and Technical Capacity Assessment (OCA) report will enable the National Network of Positive Women Ethiopians (NNPWE to fill the critical gaps and perform well to meet the expectation of its customers at a higher level. The document enabled NNPWE to strategically focused and perform its deliverables so as to achieve its intended mission and vision by aligning with its strategic plan. And of course, believed to provide an informed direction for the future, is set in the broader context of the changing socio-economic, political and legal landscape in Ethiopia.
The Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) report was developed through a participatory process through the involvement of all NNPWE’s stakeholders and using the interview, panel discussion, and document review approach.
The value of NNPWE lies in building the capacity of its members and in articulating the voice of Ethiopian positive women. A network of local women’s associations like NNPWE obtains credibility from profile of its members – members whose quality and values they advance will have impact on an image of the network in the tasks it intends to accomplish be it representational, capacity building, etc. therefore, this OTCA report gives more focus on NNPWE’s duty to strengthen itself and the members.
The implementation of this report will require a cautiously organized methodology comprising of the detail action plan for implementation and monitoring and evaluation of the organizational systems. Each of these will be developed and put in place by the Secretariat.
I would like to thank Members of the NNPWE and the many individuals and institutions who have actively contributed to this process and continued to participate in making NNPWE more relevant to its constituency, the Government and other stakeholders. NNPWE extended its grateful appreciation and regards to France for the 5% initiative, the Embassy of France in Ethiopia, and UNAIDS as well as the members of the task force, the Board and employees of NNPWE and the consultants who were actively participated, contributed to and led the facilitation of the preparation of this document. A willingness to work together in this way demonstrates the collective commitment we all have to improve the lives of those people, especially women, who are affected by HIV, poverty and other factors beyond their control.
I trustfully look forward to their unreserved and continuous support in the implementation too.

Tigist Alemu
National Coordinator
National Network of Positive Women Ethiopians
February 2019
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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