• People-Centered: We value our targets and their concerns are our top priority.
  • Accountability and Transparency: Our transparency and accountabilities to our target groups, funding partners and government stakeholder through application of clear employment, financial and project implementation procedures. Furthermore, the leadership and management is accountable for all staffs  in  terms  of  ensuring  participation  and  disclosing  organizational  matters including resources and major decisions which do not require confidential
  • Commitment: No matter what challenges we face and discomforts we feel, we stand firm,  be patient and exert our utmost and sustained efforts to achieve our goals.
  • Equity: We believe in fair availability of resources and participation at all level for all sex. We believe in equality outcome but we treat equity as to provide fair treatments (greater support for women) considering their marginalization and discrimination for several years due to existing power imbalance.
  • Innovation: We work dynamically, creatively and enhance community indigenous knowledge to create a better future through the implementation of environmentally friendly, cost-effective and sustainable development.
  • Integrity: We value honesty, professional politeness, and respect to humanity.
  • Inclusion: Ensure full participation of all segments of the society without discrimination on the basis of gender,  color,  race, social status,  religion, disability etc. We believe that women are not homogenous group so we take maximum effort to ensure the concerns of all are addressed.  As a women-focused organization, we do our work primarily with women and girls but we take maximum efforts to ensure male engagement as to support the empowerment of women.


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