NNPWE has been implementing different natured development projects that will enable poor and marginalized  PLHIV women and their families to be relieved from a vulnerable situation in one hand and help them hold assets so as to realize their potentials in building a sustainable livelihood. The major projects focus on women economic and social empowerment while the rest focus on environmental and climate issues.  Under these projects, NNPWE tried to address sustainable livelihood, capacity building and strengthening of its constituents and local structures, contribute to HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment interventions, Resource mobilization among others.  In addition to these projects, NNPWE is implementing Community HIV Care and Treatment project in all over Ethiopia with a financial support of Project Hope, PMTCT focused Project in Jimma Zone 2 woredas and PLHIV Youth focused project at Addis Ababa with a support provided by AIDS HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION/AHF to enhance the community capacity to withstand the existing situations and contribute to the efforts in HIV prevention, care and treatment.


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