To improve the situation NNPWE believes that, the following major actions must be taken by all stakeholders.

  1. NNPWE and its constituencies should do

NNPWE should do the following in order to improve the situation so that PLHIV associations will be able to contribute to the three 90 and 2030 goals. NNPWE and its members should

  • Work on community-based care and support activities in their localities
  • Engage in CCC in their locality
  • Work on lost to follow up and re-engagement
  • Testimony and others if possible
  1. Government

The government structure found at different levels including FHAPCo in order to help PLHIV associations contribute their share, PLHIV associations should be supported in areas of

  • Getting working area/offices (most of the association due to the limited sometimes non-budget, they are at the verge of closeout)
  • Working fund/capital (to run vent their causal work)
  • Other kinds of support (financial and non-financial supports)
  1. NGOs (International and National)

To work on HIV and AIDS interventions either community based or facility based community volunteers and case managers are entry points. So these volunteers and their respective associations should be

  • Supported and capacitated (training and orientation as well as coaching)
  • Provided and engaged in ES interventions
  • Supported by food and other materials
  • Provided with sufficient funds
  • Staff secondment support like CCRDA
By doing all the above and the like activities, NNPWE believes that the major directions for HIV prevention, care and support will be met with the greater involvement of PLHIV associations, NNPWE and the like networks in addition to the donors and government.



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