The emergence of the National Network of Positive Women Ethiopians (NNPWE)

In Ethiopian history, Mekdim and Dawn of Hope, were the first two PLHIV Associations formed in 1996 and 1998 respectively. A number of PLHIV Associations formed across the country following the two Associations. Among these, National Association of Positive Women Ethiopians (NAPWE) was founded in 2005 by few of HIV positive women group. Again, women felt to form women HIV network organization in Ethiopia. Finally, the National Association of HIV Positive Women (NAPWE) was re-organized as National Network Positive Women Ethiopians (NNPWE) in 2007 by consisting 16 Associations of women Living with HIV and registered as Civil Society Organization with the certificate number 1434. 

Now, NNPWE is a woman-based organization reaching the most vulnerable part of population where HIV positive women are directly targeted. NNPWE have a great experience working on increasing PMTCT service uptake addressing all components to prevention of HIV, prevention to unintended pregnancy, PMTCT and care and support packages.

Currently, NNPWE has 31 member Associations across the country. The Associations are General Assembly (GA) to NNPWE, which is the highest governing body, providing policy direction and making key decisions on the activities of the network; and elects the Bord of Directors (BoD) and appoints auditors. The Bord of Directors (BoD) is responsible for giving oversight to executive body – the secretariat, which runs the day-to-day activities of the organization, including taking lead in planning, implementation, coordination, and monitoring and reporting of activities. The secretariat has a national coordinator reporting to the Bord of Directors and assisted by Program Manager and Finance and Administration Head.

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