National Network of Positive women Ethiopians (NNPWE)

Welcome To National Network of Positive Women Ethiopians

National Network of Positive women Ethiopians (NNPWE) is a network of 25 associations of women living with HIV established in the year 2005 by Wro Berihane kelkay, as an association of women living with HIV and materialized as a network in the year 2007 and re-registered again according to the new legislation in Feb 2010.

Currently NNPWE is implementing different projects in all regions of Ethiopia where its member associations are found. NNPWE has a total of 11 technical, program and administrative staffs working at the secretariat office .The organization has its own board of directors and general assembly and lead by a positive women working as a national coordinator .NNPWE is implementing different projects in partnership/with technical and financial support from different governmental and non-governmental organizations some of them are ;-Action AID Ethiopia, Management Science for Health (MSH).Christian AID Ethiopia, NEP+(global fund),CRDA, Health link International, East Africa Treatment Access Movement (EATAM),UNAIDS ,HAPCO etc.


The overarching goal of the Network is ‘to make a genuine contribution to mitigate the multi-sect oral effects of HIV/AIDS through greater and meaningful involvement of women living with HIV/AIDS and their Associations’. From long-term perspectives, the network has set two interlinked and broader objectives to pursue: increase the contribution of WLHAs to the National and Regional efforts of HIV/AIDS prevention/control, care, treatment and support of the infected and affected; and build the capacity of positive women’s and their associations to deal with the causes and impacts of HIV/AIDS and access to different services.


To see HIV/AIDS free society and empowered HIV positive women capable of leading and affirming their economic, social and political rights.


NNPWE exists to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and meet its challenges by building the capacity of associations of positive women and their members.

Since its establishment, NNPWE has been working in partnership with different non-governmental and governmental as well as international organizations on building the capacities of its member associations to provide care and support activities as well as to build the capacity of members of NNPWE’s member associations with different skills and also establishing and capacitating new associations of women living with HIV in areas where they do not exist, to empower women to assume leadership and build leadership quality. Additionally NNPWE conducted a number of national level Discussion forums aiming at informing the needs of HIV positive women to stakeholders for improved HIV/AIDS policies, legislations and programs .More over NNPWE published and distributed different periodical IEC materials that focused on empowering HIV positive women and conducted national level researches as well as awareness on different topics/issues focused on HIV AIDS and Women.

Currently NNPWE has 25 member associations of positive women found in all regional states and two administrative cities of Ethiopia



National Network for Positive Women Ethiopians(NNPWE) 1270 Code 1250
Address: Haile G/Selassie road Afro Bldg ,In-front of Golagul Bldg
Addis Ababa , Ethiopia